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Josephine Rivalland


Mrs Josephine Rivalland Robert is a seasoned Attorney-at-law with more than 25 years of experience. She is an accredited Pupil Master under the provisions of section 5B of the Law Practitioners Act, 1984 (the ‘LPA’). Etude Guy Rivalland regularly accepts Pupil Attorneys and also Pupil Barristers for periods of 3 months as Mrs Josephine Robert is of the firm belief that a good barrister is recognised by his/her drafting skills. Mrs Josephine Robert has through the years, monitored, guided and supervised several Pupil Attorneys, including the Attorneys currently practising within EGR.


She closely ensures that her pupils receive constant personal guidance, polish their drafting, interact with clients, conduct research, prepare cases, and familiarise themselves with Court procedures and our Code of Ethics for Attorneys. She regularly interacts with her pupils and provides them with special care and attention. As a pupil master, Mrs Josephine Robert encourages her pupils to go the extra mile and expects her pupils to provide the best quality work which reflects her years of practice, experience and knowledge.

Applicants who satisfy the criteria laid down under section 4 of the LPA and wishing to undertake pupillage at our Law firm are kindly requested to submit an application together with a copy of their relevant qualifications and Curriculum Vitae.

Pupils are also strongly required to comply with our Firm’s Rules of Pupillage


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